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Quarantine Routine

  1. @daxronx loves her own (and so do we). Check out her HIIT workouts and her at-home weight alternatives
  2. Abs! Seems like everyone is working on their core, and we don’t blame you!
  3. Yoga - not a surprise! Considering the times, it’s nice to de-stress into deep stretches and moves that tone your whole body
  4. HIIT! Glad to know you guys love it as much as us! It's our go-to for that cardio burn. Be sure to add some strengthening moves too! Try adding moves that require weights.
  5. Chloe Ting seems to be a favorite of a number of you! We have yet to try her, but have already included her in our workout rotation for the week.
  6. MADFit seems to be popular among you as well! We've tried one of her ab workouts, and what a great burn!


  1. Instagram - with a lot of celebrities and friends sharing theirs online, it’s so much easier to get inspired!
  2. DownDog App - It's free 'til May! Downdog allows you to customize your workouts and has something for everyone from pre-natal yoga to hiit to barre.
  3. From the Outdoors! - We're staying home but going on runs or walks outside (or within the subdivision that you live in) . Of course, be sure to still observe social distance (and run on the other side of the road when you see someone coming).
  4. Youtube - Who doesn’t love virtual instructors? Aside from the ones mentioned earlier, here are some of our top picks:
  • Heather Robertson, HIIT-based: Instead of talking, she shows a little snippet of the next move during the 10-15 s rest. She also has low-impact workouts that still really make you break a sweat!
  • Popsugarfitness: A wider range of workouts from many celebrity trainers 

We hoped that helps you during your Quarantine Routine! Let's get quaranTONED together!

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